Avening Primary School

Writing Zone

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, children are encouraged to write through their play. Story-scribing is an effective way of making early writing purposeful and fun, where adults model correct letter formation and facilitate meaningful mark-making. As the children enter Year 1, children are encouraged to develop a cursive handwriting style (please click on link to view letter formation sheets). By Year 2, diagonal joins are made between some letters, before children are expected to join fully in Key Stage 2. When practising handwriting at home, our advice is to check your child’s posture, handgrip and ensure that they have a sharp pencil.

We aim to encourage confident, independent and creative writers who enjoy weaving stories or producing fascinating non-fiction. We use drama techniques, expose children to high quality examples, develop ‘talk for writing’, practise grammar and punctuation skills, and share progressive success criteria in order to empower children as writers. Careful feedback is given to the children, both orally and through our ‘great green’/ ‘pink to think’ marking, so that children have a clear sense of what it is they need to do to get better. Opportunities for the children to self-assess their writing, or the writing of their peers, further help to ensure next steps in learning are reinforced.

Writing Flight Path Targets are used to identify next steps for the children and are shared with parents too (click on the links below to see the Flight Path Targets from ‘Take Off!’ and ‘Flying in the Treetops’ in Year 1, through to ‘Flying in the Stars’ to be achieved by Year 6). Children are sometimes encouraged to select their own targets for their writing too, which helps to foster self-responsibility and gives the children a sense of ownership of their learning journey.


Click here for our Flight Path Targets for Writing.

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