Avening Primary School

Maths Zone

We love maths! We like to investigate, explore and play around with numbers.

 Discrete Maths lessons generally happen once in day in all classes, although we also look for ways to utilise maths skills through wider topic work where appropriate. Our aim is to ensure that all children develop mathematical fluency, so that they are able to apply their knowledge to increasingly complex problems over time. In class, children learn new skills and knowledge; they are then asked to apply their skills. Once confident, their learning is deepened through increasingly rich problems and investigations. This 'know - apply - deepen' cycle enables children to develop their mastery of mathematics - an important element of the new National Curriculum. In addition, a discrete problem-solving session is taught through years 1-6 on a weekly basis, enabling children to become familiar with the various ways of tackling mathematical investigations.

Regular practice of rapid recall through our Rainbow Maths Targets (see the link below) support the development of mental calculations. We also use the online program Mathletics, to help reinforce learning at home, and enjoy celebrating the successes of our Mathletes each week. Please click on the link below to access the Mathletics website.

Mathletics Crest 1

 Sequences of lessons are carefully planned, so that there is a clear progression between concepts. Rapid intervention which takes place immediately after the lesson on most days in Key Stage 2 helps to ensure that no child is left behind in their learning.

We draw on a variety of practical resources to reinforce concepts, such as Numicon, numberlines, place value cards and Dienes blocks. Our aim is to ensure that the children’s progress is built upon a strong foundation of mathematical understanding, so that rich connections across mathematical ideas are made.

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