School Values



At Avening Primary School, children, staff and governors aim to treat everyone with respect. Resourceful, resilient and reflective, we will engage in our learning and aspire to be the very best that we can be. As a community of successful learners, we will collaborate to make our world a better place to live and learn. We look forward to our futures with hope.

Together we’ll fly.


If you want a flavour of what makes our school so special, look no further than our school values...Our school values underpin how we act and behave in all aspects of school life. They define how we treat one another, our rights and responsibilities, and how we learn. We discuss our school values in Collective Worship, in our classrooms and in our meetings. They can be seen in every area of the school: as images, through music, in actions and through our kind words and behaviour.




Be kind


We have a right to be safe and a responsibility to not to harm or bully others.





Listen carefully


 We have a right to be heard and a responsibility to listen to other people.




Do your best


We have a right to take risks and a responsibility to learn from our experiences.





Work together to look after things


We have a right to a clean environment, at home, at school or wherever we are, and a responsibility to look after our environment.




Say ‘I can’…


We have a right to learn and a responsibility to learn as much as we can and help others to learn too.



Together we’ll fly.